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You now have the option to add two pages of custom content* to The Campus Link. You deliver the content to us — specific to your institution — and we'll lay it out professionally, add graphics and add it to the 4-page newsletter you regularly receive.


Get timely and useful information out to your parents and families efficiently and in a professional manner by adding this service to your Campus Link subscription.

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The custom content option is an easy and affordable way to deliver important campus news to your community in a well-organized, time-saving manner. It's as easy as sending in your content, approving the professionally-prepared proof and then delivering great, customized content to your parents and families.


Use the custom content option to give your parents and families key information about campus life, including:

  • Important school policies
  • Upcoming special events (homecoming, parent/family weekend, open houses, etc.)
  • Specific communications and greetings from senior campus administrators
  • School-specific health and wellness information
  • Available university resources and services
  • Important contact information for key campus offices


Consider adding the custom content option to your Campus Link subscription today!


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The Campus Link covers a variety of topics that are important to you — and your constituents.


Topics Covered Include:

    • How Do Parents & Families Fit Into Their Student's Lives At College? For many parents and family members — who have been actively engaged in their students lives until now — the college transition can be a struggle. Help your parents and families understand how to navigate this difficult time and stay informed while maintaining positive parental involvement. Your constituents will read about:
      • The evolving student-parent relationship
      • Being the parent of a commuter student
      • Bridging the distance when your student goes to school far away from home
      • Making Family/Parent Weekend positive for all
      • Ways to communicate without over-communicating
      • What to do when your student comes home for breaks


    • What Student Services are Relevant to Parents & Families? From registering for classes to obtaining a campus parking pass and everything in between — parents have a myriad of questions about student services. The Campus Link helps answer parents' questions on a variety of issues and deadlines before they arise, including:
      • Navigating the insurance maze, from renter's insurance to health insurance
      • Career services: it's never to early to think about the future
      • Money management strategies: credit card and ATM use and abuse
      • Financial aid updates
      • The pros and cons of having a car on campus
      • Keeping up with campus technology


    • How Are College Students Growing and Changing? College is a pivotal time for young adults' development: it involves gaining independence, self-awareness, and career and life skills. And it's also a chance for students to take responsibility for themselves and their own well-being. Some of the aspects of students' development covered include:
      • Nudging students toward adulthood
      • Encouraging student responsibility and strength
      • What students are's not just about grades!
      • Staying healthy on campus


    • How Can Parents & Families Positively Support Their Student? Entering college brings many new experiences — and students may find themselves challenged academically, socially and physically. It is important for parents and families to deliver encouragement when its needed and stay involved without being overbearing. With The Campus Link you can give your constituents valuable information on the following topics:
      • What to do when you suspect your student may be struggling
      • Exerting pressure: could you be harming your student?
      • Creative care packages
      • Useful holiday and birthday gifts your student will really appreciate
      • Getting to know his/her friends


  • What's Going on On Campus? The college environment today may not be what your parents and family members remember...and for parents and families of first generation students it can be entirely new. Give them insight into various features of their students' social and extra-curricular lives, including:
    • Getting involved on campus: the value for students
    • Alcohol and other drugs: new trends, old concerns
    • Greek life: benefits, pitfalls and things to consider
    • Athletic involvement


Plus much more! In addition, we'll respond to hot topics on campuses and in society as they arise — keeping you and the parents/families you serve in the information loop.


The Campus Link is a monthly digital newsletter that we customize with your campus and/or departmental logo. Plus, your subscription now includes 3 video clips each month — at no additional cost!


What You'll Get:

    • More Time to Focus on Other Parent Projects: You can really dive into that wish list of parent programs – you'll have more time if we take the job of producing a newsletter off your plate.


    • Quality Information from Higher Education Experts: PaperClip Communications has been in the higher education business for 18 years – as long as many parents and families have been working hard to raise the first-year students that walk through your campus halls today! Let us put our contacts, expertise and care to work for you.


    • A Strong Framework to Get Your Parent Program Off the Ground: You may not have the person-power to staff a full-time Parent/Family Office. The Campus Link can get you started as you prove the value of focusing on parents and families.


  • More Budget Dollars Saved to Allocate Elsewhere: A year-long subscription to The Campus Link will cost you much less than devoting campus people-hours to the project.


Already Have a Campus Parent/Family Newsletter?

The Campus Link will complement your efforts! Your site license allows you to take any articles from the Microsoft Word document and insert them into your existing publication, saving you research and time.


Plus, you'll receive your copies of The Campus Link in advance (between the 15th and 20th of the preceding month), allowing you to send it out, either electronically or by mail, so that it reaches your audience by the 1st of the month.



When you order The Campus Link you'll get:

  • 12 issues of The Campus Link delivered digitally each month in PDF format.
  • 3 video clips delivered digitally each month in MP4 format.
    • FREE customization with your school's logo or department information!


    • Site license allowing you to distribute the content of The Campus Link to your campus community (based on full-time undergraduate enrollment).


  • Text version of the entire issue delivered in Microsoft Word format, so the contents and articles can be inserted into your existing newsletter or posted on your website.
  • Optional – Two pages of custom content added to the newsletter each month for an additional fee of $2,495 only $1,995 for a limited time!


Newsletter pricing is based on your school's full-time undergraduate enrollment. Please see pricing options in the chart below. Click on your school's enrollment to place an order.


Full-Time Undergraduate
Up to 500 $595
Up to 1,000 $675
Up to 2,500 $745
Up to 4,000 $795
Up to 5,500 $850
Up to 7,000 $895
Up to 8,500 $950
Up to 10,000 $995
Up to 12,500 $1,065
Up to 15,000 $1,150
Up to 20,000 $1,295
Up to 25,000 $1,450
Up to 30,000 $1,630
Up to 35,000 $1,795
Up to 40,000 $1,905
40,000+ $2,090

The Campus Link is ready-to-go and ready-to-use — the research, layout and writing has been done for you by our team of higher education professionals! You're free to focus on developing relationships and drawing parents and family members personally into the fold.


Here's just a few of our suggestions for using The Campus Link:

    • Forward the PDF and MP4 video clips directly to your parent and families email list. The newsletter and video files are ready-to-go, fully-edited and professionally designed. No additional work is needed from you or your staff!


    • Give the PDF to your campus print center. The PDF is professionally prepared to be printed in black and white or 4-color. Just have your print center print and mail to your parent and families address list, or insert it directly into your existing newsletter.


    • Post the PDF and video clips on your website. Parents and families can view the video clips and download the newsletter at their leisure.


    • Supplement your existing newsletter and website by using the Microsoft Word files. Take entire articles and drop them into your existing publication or post them directly to your website.


You'll allow parents to stay actively involved and engaged in their student’s lives on campus — plus save time, effort, energy and money — when you share this ready-made newsletter and video clips with your parents and families!