The Campus Link is ready-to-go and ready-to-use — the research, layout and writing has been done for you by our team of higher education professionals! You're free to focus on developing relationships and drawing parents and family members personally into the fold.


Here's just a few of our suggestions for using The Campus Link:

    • Forward the PDF and MP4 video clips directly to your parent and families email list. The newsletter and video files are ready-to-go, fully-edited and professionally designed. No additional work is needed from you or your staff!


    • Give the PDF to your campus print center. The PDF is professionally prepared to be printed in black and white or 4-color. Just have your print center print and mail to your parent and families address list, or insert it directly into your existing newsletter.


    • Post the PDF and video clips on your website. Parents and families can view the video clips and download the newsletter at their leisure.


    • Supplement your existing newsletter and website by using the Microsoft Word files. Take entire articles and drop them into your existing publication or post them directly to your website.


You'll allow parents to stay actively involved and engaged in their student’s lives on campus — plus save time, effort, energy and money — when you share this ready-made newsletter and video clips with your parents and families!